Free water testing
(VALUED AT $140)

Free water testing
(VALUED AT $140)

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Who We Are

We live and breathe good water...

Here at Complete Home Filtration we passionately believe that everyone deserves to have the best water possible at their home.

We thrive on hearing our customers report dramatic improvements in the quality of water they use for drinking, showering and bathing along with cooking and making the perfect tea or coffee.

We live and breathe good water and this passion sees us at the forefront of water filtration technology and water quality.

Australian Owned and Operated

Founded to provide Australians with a more affordable and sustainable way to access unlimited, clean, freshly filtered water throughout their entire home, Complete Home Filtration has underwent significant growth since it first launched.

As a private company we are part owned by a group of Australian investors including RAC's Better Labs.

Health is wealth

Get Complete Home Filtration today, and get peace of mind knowing that your family is drinking, showering, bathing and cooking with clean healthy water that is better for your health.

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