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Chlorine and contaminant-free water for sensitive skin. For babies and infants, install the premium system to ensure water that's gentle on the skin and fluoride-free  for safer formula for your little ones.


Softened, chlorine free water is gentle on skin and helps to reduce the amount of shampoo and soaps needed to create a lather. This all helps protect the skin of babies and children. The absence of chlorine in household water also creates better air  in your home be eliminating chlorine vapours from hot showers and baths and even flushing toilets.  

A whole house water filter is the first step to teaching your child healthier habits. It is a fact that water that tastes great is easier to drink than ordinary tap water. Parents that use a water filtration system in their households notice a difference in their children's drinking habits.  Children are more inclined to drink water without any cordial or juice added which helps fight obesity in children and helps them stay well hydrated. Children who develop this healthy habit of drinking water will continue this behaviour into the teenage and adult years.

Parents need to be aware of the dangers of using unfiltered water when making baby formula.  There is a range of issues to consider here.  It is true that some water born viruses and bacteria are in fact chlorine resistant and may, therefore, enter the body through drinking water. Then there is, of course, the fluoride debate which is fiercely defended by both sides of the argument. It is true that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, however, levels found in breast milk are approximately 0.004 parts per million whereas optimal levels according to the water suppliers is often around 1 part per million. Many health experts believe that this level of fluoride can be dangerous for babies and infants. There are many studies linking reduced IQ in children with water fluoridation.  For more information of the fluoride debate please see www.fluoridealert.org or the Department of Health website for more info.


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