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Massive Congratulations to LEANNE BREWER and her lovely family in winning our like and share competition for a Free Complete Home Filtration system and installation. Keep an eye out for our next Competition.

Don't let raw tap water ruin your home.

Our revolutionary Complete Home Filtration system utilises a 3- Stage filtration technique to soften and remove even the finest dirt, sediments and chemicals from tap water, keeping your family healthy, appliances clean, your shower recess gleaming and your garden thriving.


Are you frustrated with the scale build-up commonly found throughout Aussie homes

caused by hard water? Scale that reduces the flow from shower heads and collects

around taps and faucets? This will be a thing of the past with Complete Home Filtration.

Once installed the system not only softens the water coming into the home but the new

clean and softened water actually help to remove prior scale build up from fixtures and

appliances. Scrubbing your shower screen will be a distant memory. Having a whole

house system adds value to your home while saving you money on repairs and

replacements. Energy efficiency is also increased in water heating appliances and fewer

soaps and detergents all add towards the total savings you will experience. 

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Peace of Mind

With over 10 years experience working in the residential water filtration market in Australia, we know what we are doing.

Over 10 Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience working in the residential water filtration market in Australia. All our installs are carried out by Licensed Plumbers.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our products are backed up with a money back guarantee and limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Wholesale Prices

Never pay retail for filter replacements We sell at Wholesale prices to our customers.

Australia's leading Whole Home Filtration Specialist 

We specialise in one area of filtration (Whole Home Filtration) to ensure we are the best

Watermark and NSF Certified

Watermark & NSF Certified meeting and exceeding all Aussie standards.