Free water testing
(VALUED AT $140)

Free water testing
(VALUED AT $140)

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    How much does a system cost?

    Broadly speaking we have systems that range from $1040 through to $5230. With the entry level system being the most affordable and involving the installation of a Reverse Osmosis filtration system for drinking water ONLY. For the fully installed whole of home systems there are a number of factors that influence price. Customer preference for water type (alkaline etc), raw water quality (tank or mains/ high chlorine / hard water), usage, water pressure (low / high) and installation requirements (pavers, turf, mains access) are all factors that affect final costs.

    Accurate quotes are FREE to attain and normally involve a quick site visit from one of our friendly team to carry out a water test to determine type of filters required and a site inspection to estimate the costs and also possibility of completing an installation. During this visit customers can also identify any specific water quality concerns they have in order to correctly identify types of filtration system required.

    (Unfortunately some homes are not suitable for a retro fit whole house filtration system installation)
    SYSTEM TYPE CHF-RO CHF-6000 CHF-6200 Remarks
    INSTALLATION $150 - $250 $890 - $990 $1040 - $1240 Variables include pavers, excavation requirements, concrete,
    artificial lawn, labour required to identify mains pipe, stone bench tops,
    internal installations, pipework materials and local plumbing regulations
    UNIT & MATERIALS $890 - $990 $2700 - $2900 $3590 - $3980 Options include UV Protective Case, DCV, Mounting Frame, SS Upgrade, Solenoid, Premium NSF Grade Filteration Media, Alkalising Option, 3 Way Mixer taps, Watermark Certification
    TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $1040 - $1240 $3300 - $3990 $4340 - $5230
    ANNUAL FILTER REPLACEMENT COSTS $120 - $255 $189 - $360 $300 - $615 Dependent on the type of catridges used

    Other frequently asked questions..

    How often do my filters need changed?
    We say roughly 6 to 12 months as filter exhaustion depends on a number of different factors.Because the chlorine and chemical content of your water can vary significantly over time it is very hard to say exactly when your filters will need changed. What we can say is that on average a normal home in Perth or Sydney is changing their filters every 9 months. For homes with only 2 people or low water use 12 months can be typical. As a maximum we say 12 months. For RO filter changes- we change them every 12 months as industry practice for non backwashing filters and every two years the membrane is checked for performance during the scheduled service. Depending on water quality membranes can last 2 to 4 years.
    How do I know when my filters need changed?
    Once your unit is installed you will be added to our database. This activates your warranty and also places you in our reminder system for filter changes. We will contact you at roughly 8 months to remind you about your filters, however from 6 months if you notice any change in the taste or smell of your water you may need to change them early. If in doubt you can buy DPD tabs from Big W or any pool shop and test your water yourself so see if any chlorine is coming through. If you have a pool just use your pool test kit.
    I have eczema- will this filter system cure it?
    Although many of our customers report a dramatic difference in their skin and the skin of their children especially where underlying skin conditions may have been irritated by chlorine in water- we cannot make any health claims like this about our products. The causes of extreme skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis are not fully understood in the medical community and many believe them to be diet or digestion related. It can be stated that many health professionals especially in the natural health spheres, recommend removing chlorine and chlorine by products prior to bathing and showering for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.
    What is the main difference between the Complete and the Premium system?
    The main difference in terms of contaminant removal is fluoride, hormones and pharmaceuticals. Many consumers are concerned about fluoride and other hard to remove contaminants especially with the advent of recycled water. For those consumers the additional RO unit which converts the Complete system to the Premium is recommended. Reverse Osmosis is not recommended for the whole home due to the water waste necessary for ‘washing water’ however for maximum contaminant removal for drinking it is necessary. If you have no concerns about fluoride in the water or other potential trace elements then the level of filtration provided by the Complete system is sufficient which filters down to 1 Micron and removes up to 98.5% of chlorine and other contaminants such as heavy metals and chlorine by-products.

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