Free water testing
(VALUED AT $140)

Free water testing
(VALUED AT $140)

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    At Complete Home Filtration, our Mission is for everyone to enjoy the best tasting & healthiest water from every tap in their home. Complete Home Filtration supplies, installs and maintains a whole of home water filtration system that is design protected and contains world leading filtration technology to target even the hardest to remove contaminants.

    Our award winning filtration systems are an upstream solution to water quality issues that is economical for consumers and which, after installation- is the same price to maintain as a standard fridge filter. Our revolutionary Complete Home System utilizes a 3-Stage filtration technique to soften and remove even the finest dirt, sediments and chemicals from all water throughout your home. With a Complete Home Filtration system we ensure our customers can drink, bathe, shower and cook with water that is safe, delicious and better for your health.

    Installing a Complete Home system is a great way to improve your families health & well-being while having the peace of mind knowing you are not only saving money buying bottled water & adding value to your home, but also saving our planet by reducing the levels of plastic bottles that end up in landfill & ensuring you have an environmentally efficient home.


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