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The Premium Complete Home Filtration System


State of the Art Ultra Filtration Technology for Pure Drinking Water.  

For consumers who require absolutely pure water, this is the system we recommend. Best for bottle fed babies or customers with specific health concerns where Doctors or other health professionals have recommended distilled or pure water.  Our point of entry (POE) Complete Home Filtration system is professionally installed on the water mains entering the home and the  Reverse Osmosis system on the main drinking water tap. 
Now before your eyes cloud over and you cast your mind back to those biology classes that you skipped- Reverse Osmosis or RO as its known in the industry is a process that is quite easy to understand.  Basically, the water passes through the system which is a further 5 stages of water filtration to remove all impurities and contaminants with one of these filters being a semipermeable membrane. Essentially you are left with only pure water.  This is the type of filter that turns sea water into fresh water and it is also one of the only filters to remove fluoride, pesticides, herbicides and microplastic fibres.

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Will RO remove the good minerals from my water?

It's that question about water being full of minerals that we need. 

Some argue that removing all minerals from water is not good and that we need those minerals for our health.  The difference is that our bodies can absorb organic mineral compounds but not inorganic mineral compounds. The majority of minerals in tap water are in fact inorganic. We have all seen how damaging these compounds can be to our water using appliances by sticking/binding to things that they come in to contact with. We have all spent a bit of time scrubbing the white stuff off the shower screens no doubt!

These same compounds are also not good for our bodies. In fact, it is estimated that we only receive about 1% of our daily mineral needs from drinking the standard 8 glasses of tap water a day.  Just think about how much chlorine and other contaminants you are consuming though. By using RO you remove pretty much everything from the water so you lose an estimated 1% of your mineral needs for the day but also are assured that there are no other nasties in there. Purified RO water provides the necessary rinsing and flushing functions for our bodies and allows the cleanest water to enter our bodies to in fact help flush out inorganic minerals and other contaminants. 

For the most comprehensive protection for your family we recommend the Premium system which takes care of the water entering the home, filtering that down to 1 micron (remember the thickness of a human hair is about 70 microns) followed by the RO on the main drinking tap which removes stubborn contaminants like fluoride, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. 

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