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Massive Congratulations to LEANNE BREWER and her lovely family in winning our like and share competition for a Free Complete Home Filtration system and installation. Keep an eye out for our next Competition.

Our filters are selected to suit the particular water quality in each suburb based on our comprehensive water testing database. Contact us today if you need help.


Once your Complete Home Filtration system is installed our database is immediately updated and you will receive reminders about when it is time to replace your filters based on your average water usage and the water quality report for your area. This ensures your families water quality is maintained to the highest standard at all times. 

As a general rule, we recommend replacing filters every 9 months unless usage is particularly high or low in which case 6 or 12 months schedules may be more appropriate. The systems themselves are fitted with gauges to display when the filters are coming to the end of their life.

Our passion is to provide Australian families with the protection they deserve and in line with this, we ensure all of our filters are of the highest quality with all filtration media being NSF certified.  Alongside this is our commitment to you to make delicious, safe water from every tap affordable for every Australian family which means that not only are our filters of the highest quality but the price will always be more than competitive in the market. 

Generally the costs of replacing the filters on your Complete Home Filtration system are under $220 per year for self-installation or you can have one of our professional team do it for you for a small extra charge- that means that replacing the filters that provide filtered water to every outlet in your home can, in fact, be cheaper than changing the filters on a modern fridge!

Our passion to provide safe, clean, healthy and delicious water, has always been one of the driving force behind our continued success and expansion. If you need help or advice regarding replacement filters, just give us a call or contact us using the forms below.

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Peace of Mind

With over 10 years experience working in the residential water filtration market in Australia, we know what we are doing.

Over 10 Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience working in the residential water filtration market in Australia. All our installs are carried out by Licensed Plumbers.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our products are backed up with a money back guarantee and limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Wholesale Prices

Never pay retail for filter replacements We sell at Wholesale prices to our customers.

Australia's leading Whole Home Filtration Specialist 

We specialise in one area of filtration (Whole Home Filtration) to ensure we are the best

Watermark and NSF Certified

Watermark & NSF Certified meeting and exceeding all Aussie standards.